Permanent make up is loved by many. At asthetik, we LOVE your face! We want you to wake up everyday singing “I woke up like this”. Caring for the health of your skin is major part of that. But another thing we hear clients request is making that morning routine even easier… having your brows or lips permanently groomed or naturally perfect, or wishing they woke up with some color or more life on your face. Permanent makeup may be the solution for you!

For example, we absolutely love eyebrows! They frame the face, enhance the eyes, and when they are well groomed, can help us feel more awake and confident and youthful. But, the largest complaints we hear from people is the maintenance. Filling in your brows everyday can start to feel like a chore, and if you struggle with the shape or color, this can lead to frustration too. While tinting and henna are both great quick fixes, many feel that this color is just too temporary or requires too much upkeep.

Another example can be with lips. Fillers are a blast, but loss of pigment in the lips makes them appear smaller, and applying lip color can be a chore. If this resonates with you, or you have felt this way, you may be a good candidate for PMU (Permanent Makeup)


What is Permanent Makeup?

We’ve probably all seen or heard of microblading. Maybe if you’ve done some research, you’re familiar with the words: ombre, combo brows, powder brows, lip blushing, water color lips, etc. and it can all sound a bit overwhelming and confusing. Luckily its my job to know what all of this means, and what you’re a candidate for! But I’ll try my best to shed some light of the subject, so you don’t go into your appointment blindly.

To start off, all of the terms I just mentioned fall under permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is where we inject a desired pigment color into the skin within the desired shape of your brows (or eye liner, lips etc) to create a long lasting change and mimic the effects of either wearing makeup, or having some color on your face, or having fuller brows. This look can be done as naturally, or and bold as you desire. Think: your face, but better! Some people call it semi- permanent. Although this is not the same thing as a body tattoo, however you need to treat the decision to get one with the same respect, that pigment is there to stay. It will not even completely fade away, but will get lighter or vary in tone over time, which is why you need touch ups. That being said, take your time to ensure you choose the absolute best artist to achieve what you want.


What look do I want?

Good question! That’s something we can discuss during your initial consultation. So you know the differences between your options, you could go with microblading which creates the appearance of hairlike strokes to give a fuller brow look. You also have the option of an ombre brow, which gives more of a defined shape, and the appearance of a full brow. Or, you can get the best of both worlds, and we can do a combination brow, with some hair strokes, but also some definition further down the brow. If we’re talking lips, you have plenty of options for colors, from cool tones to warm, and from natural to bold. However your choice is influenced by your skin type, lifestyle, and health, as some looks may not have good retention, or heal properly on your skin. This is something I unfortunately see all too often, and why I always do a consultation first to ensure you are a candidate for the look you are trying to achieve.

How do I find out if I’m a candidate for PMU (Microblading)?

The answer to the following questions will help me determine what you are a candidate for:

  • Which procedure are you looking to have?
  • Where does your skin fall on the Fitzpatrick Scale?
  • Do you have any previous permanent makeup or tattoo(s)?
  • Are you pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or nursing?
  • Are you in general good health? List any diagnoses including any cancer.
  • Do you smoke?
  • How is your skin health? Do you have any major issues with acne?
  • Do you have chapped lips or trouble with dry lips?
  • Would you consider your skin to be oily, dry, normal, or a combination of two or more? • Have you ever had Botox or fillers?
  • Are you on blood thinners?
  • Are you on or have you ever been on Accutane?
  • Do you have sensitive skin?
  • Do you have any keloids or trouble healing?
  • Have you ever had a cold sore at any point in your life?


What is required to book?

We need the answers to the questions above, your name and contact information, a makeup free selfie if you’d like a preview of the style we’ve decided on, and payment information for the deposit. We can be booked out anywhere between 4-8 weeks for microblading, so plan ahead!


Okay I’m booked for microblading, what do I need to do before my appointment?

Don’t stress, your prep work is super simple. But it is really important so we avoid infection, and ensure that you get the best retention possible. Click HERE and we’ll

email you your PMU preparation guide! On the day of your appointment, just come with cozy clothes and you can bring headphones if that makes you feel less anxious.


What should I expect at my appointment?

My primary concern is your comfort, and making sure you get exactly what you want. We start out my mapping your look, or creating a guide where you’ll get a sneak peak at the shape and size. I book plenty of time for us, so I usually have my clients sit up, look at the mapping in different lighting, even take some selfies. This is permanent, so I want you 100% confident before we start. Once you’re in love, we numb you up. I use high quality medical grade numbing gels, and a topical anesthetic. Most clients feel nothing. Some feel a little pressure, or a grit similar to sandpaper. Lips can be the most sensitive, but one of my recent clients almost fell asleep, so everyone is different. I am incredibly compassionate towards pain and anxiety, and I will make sure you are as happy and as comfortable as possibly. After we’re done, I’ll walk you through your aftercare step by step until you feel confident, give you your aftercare kit with everything you need, and we’ll book your second perfecting session 4-6 weeks later! Every appointment time frame varies, but plan on a couple of hours.


Why do I need a second session?

Everyone heals differently, and even with the best aftercare possible, you may have some small things that need correcting. I take a less is more approach to PMU. We can always go bolder, but it’s impossible to go back, we use this time to make any adjustments so your look will last.


When should I book a touch up?

Although everyones retention is a little different, I highly recommend booking a brow touch up once a year to keep them fresh and beautiful, lips vary, and usually anywhere between 2-5 years. With microblading the color stays in the brows or lips permanently, however some of the color molecules and lift and exfoliate away, leaving behind a brighter color, or sometimes even an orange or purple tone. Thats why touch ups are so vital. The price varies on how long in between sessions and how much pigment is left. A touchup is simply that, a touch up. So if were just giving the area a nice veil of color, you’re good to go! But if the color has really faded, lost its shape, or needs multiple sessions, the price may vary. Smoking will reduce your retention, causing you to need touchups sooner.


Want more information?

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