What is The Brow Artistry?

In this appointment, we measure and map out your brows to ensure perfection and the shape you want, then we perform a brow wax/ tweeze, brow trim, brow tint, and brow healing balm, so you are selfie ready when you walk out the door!

What are the Benefits of The Brow Artistry?

When you leave your appointment, you walk away with trimmed, shaped, and tinted brows that require no filter, and no makeup. 

Who Should get The Brow Artistry?

This is perfect for those looking to sculpt and totally transform those beautiful brows. If you haven’t touched your brows in a while, you’re a perfect candidate for this service. If you have trouble shaping your own brows, and you have a light- medium color and want them to look a bit fuller, the tint is a great option for you.