Hydrojelly Runway FacialWhat is the Ultimate Runway Facial?

This facial literally has it all. The luxurious treatment includes our signature Deep Ultrasonic Cleanse, customized exfoliation, whether it be dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, enzymes, or a chemical peels, extractions, High Frequency, a customized high end treatment mask, facial massage and reflexology and microcurrent, nano needling in a high concentration epidermal growth factor for an extreme glow, customized Hydrojelly, LED Light Therapy, and your skin is topped off with serums, moisture, eye and lip treatments with lymphatic drainage and Gua Sha. 

What are the Benefits of the Ultimate Runway Facial?

This is your all in one anti-aging, resilience, and skin nourishing facial. The deep cleansing and extractions help to gently remove excess dirt and makeup from the pores, leaving you fresh faced. The exfoliation assists in the removal of excess dead skin cells, revealing your fresh, bright and youthful skin underneath. High frequency kills acne causing bacteria on the face, as well as promotes circulation, brightens the under eye area, evens out skin tone, and assists in the healing of your skin. Your customized treatment mask will tackle any number of issues, will help balance your skin, hydrate, clarify, and/or reduce inflammation. Facial massage and reflexology will relax and reduce inflammation through out your entire body. Microcurrent retrains the muscles in your face to hold properly in some areas and relax in others, leading to a lifted face and a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Nanoneedling creates micro channels into the epidermis to infuse growth factors (strong ingredients that stimulate cell growth) so illuminate the skin, firm and tone, and brighten. The hydrojelly infuses this product even deeper and clarifies. The LED Reduces any residual inflammation and boosts collagen and elastin production, as well as evens out skin tone and assists in the healing of acne scarring. Sealing everything in with serums and moisture leaves your skin plump and happy and ready to go.

Who Should get the Ultimate Runway Facial?

Really anyone can benefit but especially those looking for a luxurious, high end service. This facial is incredible to do before an event, a wedding, photoshoot, or vacation. A series of these facials will make a dramatic long term change. If one of these modalities cannot be used on you for some reason, we have plenty of alternatives to replace it with. This is great for all skin types and ages.