Young person receiving 90 Minute Acne Teen FacialWhat is The 90 Minute Acne Teen Facial?

This is a customized facial that deals with a teen’s ever-changing skin, and includes extensive extractions for acne problems. After double cleansing using one of our Ultrasonic Cleansing Techniques, extractions, hydrojelly mask and 20 minute Blue LED Light Therapy Treatment, your skin will thank you. These techniques will start you down a path of clearing and healing your skin. 


What are the benefits of The 90 Minute Acne Teen Facial?

Teen skin can be really tricky to work with, and changes quickly with the hormones your body is producing. Most of the time, my teen clients struggle on where they should even start. I get that wholeheartedly, and went through the same thing. I didn’t know where to tun, so I worked with proactive, Ulta, and amazon, and unfortunately I paid for it later. I want to help you avoid my mistakes, learn about your skin, and feel confident as we work on clearing up your acne, and leaving you glowing and healthy and as beautiful (or handsome) as ever.


Who Should get The 90 Minute Acne Teen Facial?

This facial is best for anywhere between approx. 12-18 dealing with the effects of puberty, hormonal changes, acne, keratosis pilaris, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, or anyone in need a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and intense hydration. I love when my clients start young with their skin care, to avoid having to work through years of damage, and more invasive procedures. 

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