What is the Scalp Treatment?

An indulgent add-on or a stand-alone service, this one will have you wanting more! High frequency awakens the scalp and promotes blood and lymph movement, while nurturing and restorative oils and a hydrating scalp treatment enrich the skin and hair. This is then all massaged in and can be left in for as long as you desire, and washed out when you get home.

What are the Benefits of the Scalp Treatment?

This is a perfect service for those who are looking to promote healthy hair growth, increase blood flow to the scalp, and enjoy the relaxation of a scalp massage. Its a great way to care for the skin not only on your face, but also on your scalp too!

Who Should get the Scalp Treatment?

Anyone can enjoy this service, but we recommend telling us if you have any metal in your body. This scalp treatment involves high frequency, which uses an electric current and can cause pain and discomfort to those with metal in or on their body. We have plenty of options for modalities, and can always make accommodations for you.