What is The Suns Out Guns Out Treatment?

This ultimate arms treatment is perfect for those looking for flawless shoulders and soft arms and elbows. Includes deep-pore cleansing and microdermabrasion resurfacing to clear up breakouts, repair sun damage, smooth rough elbows, and diminish Keratosis Pilaris. Then we hydrate and nourish this commonly neglected area with a customized mask and loads of highly concentrated plant ingredients. Your guns will be beach ready in no time!

What are the Benefits of The Suns Out Guns Out Treatment?

There are just certain parts of our body that we neglect. When we think of a skin care routine, we don’t always think of caring for the skin on our arms. But think about how much our arms and shoulders take. They are attacked with sun damage, pores are clogged from our hair product, and let’s be honest, we’re all using the cheapest bars of soap as a body wash that we can find. But have you ever cleaned soap scum off of your shower? Well think of the residue it leaves behind on skin, clogging up those pores. This facial solves all of those problems, and we can even give you some pro tips to keep the results of this service going for quite some time!

Who Should get The Suns Out Guns Out Treatment?

Anyone can benefit from this unique service. I recommend it especially to those with Keratosis Pilaris, those little dry bumps that love to form on our upper arms. It’s great for anyone with sun damage, or hyperpigmentation. If you have rough, calloused elbows, this is for you. Also it is a fantastic way to brighten up any body art that’s looking just a little dull. This is also a fantastic service for men to try if they interested in caring for their skin’s health, but nervous about trying a facial. 

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