henna browWhat is The Henna Brow Ultimate Artistry?

Hate doing your brows everyday, but not quite ready to commit to permanent makeup? Try Henna! Not only does this semi-permanent service keep your brows manicured, done and darkened for up to 3-6 weeks, but our formula also coats and conditions each hair to encourage healthier, thicker brows in the future! Talk about multitasking! We have a wide range of highly pigmented, customizable colors, perfect for each client. Our Henna contains no ammonia, lead or peroxide- commonly found in cheaper henna.


What are the Benefits of The Henna Brow Ultimate Artistry?

Having low maintenance brows is a big one, but the conditioning it does for the brow hairs is a huge benefit as well. This is also a great way to test the waters with brows before you take the lead into something more permanent like microblading for an ombre brow. 


Who Should get a Skin Care Consultation?

Pretty much anyone can benefit from this service. Although Henna does hold onto the skin, it does not hold as well when there is no hair. If you have brow hair, the color may hold longer. Pro Tip: Send a selfie without any makeup on your brows to 941-740-7049 and we can help suggest what you need to reach your goal!

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